Spring Bulbs

To make your garden look dazzling, plant spring bulbs from Ripley Nurseries. We offer many varieties of garden flowers that will cheer up any container, border, bedding and pot. Find yourself the most graceful flower bulbs in our webshop and start planting spring bulbs outside.

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What are spring bulbs?

Spring bulbs are flowers that bloom from mid-February to mid-May. To make sure spring bulbs bloom beautifully and grow healthy, you should plant them in autumn. In autumn, the ground is still warm, and the bulbs will get enough watering from the rainfall. If you order bulbs from our webshop, try to plant the bulbs in the ground as soon as possible. Bulbs need to strengthen and exposure to chilling temperatures will make them stronger and break their winter dormancy. What to do when you forget to plant spring bulbs in autumn, and the soil is frozen at the moment? You can grow your tubes in a container. Springtime is definitely the season to bring pastel colours to your garden and your house. At Ripley Nurseries, we offer various types of spring bulbs. Make your choice and add a splash of colour to your garden.

Spring bulb varieties

We offer numerous spring bulbs that cheer up your garden and your mood in our garden centre. We’ve made a list of our favourite colourful flowers. Find the list below:

  • ‘Ruby Giant’: this flower bulb blooms from late winter to early spring. Its purple petals and bright orange anthers complement each other beautifully. Moreover, crocuses are not challenging to take care of. Plant them in your lawn or grow them in a container;

  • ‘Summer Snowflake’: this beautiful flower grows about 45 cm tall and blooms in mid-spring. The white petals and dark green leaves make this snowflake wonderful to look at. Moreover, the plants multiply over time, making them beautiful perennials;

  • ‘Grecian Windflower’: this pretty perennial comes in a range of colours and blooms for a couple of weeks in early spring. After planting these wildflowers, you don’t need to give them a lot of attention. They will spread out and fill your garden with colour;

  • ‘Siberian Squill’: this brilliantly blue flower does not get taller than 10 to 20 cm, but that doesn’t mean that it will not bloom beautifully in early spring. You can watch these pretty flowers bloom from March to April. Plant your Siberian squills about 10 cm deep and space them close together.

When to plant spring bulbs

You have to know when to plant them to enjoy colourful flowers like daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops, and other spring-flowering plants.

  • Plant spring bulbs in September or October in well-drained soil.

  • Select a full sun or dappled shade location.

  • Choose a sunny site in the garden, so the bulbs can soak as much as sun that's possible.

Buy spring-flowering in our webshop. You will find loads of varieties. Try out new combinations and ask our staff for the latest arrivals, every year we show you the latest arrivals!

How to plant spring bulbs

Spring-flowering bulbs have different sizes and bloom in various ways. Here’s how to plant this sunny season bulbs:

  • Plant flower bulbs about three times as deep as the bulb itself. This is a rule of thumb most of the time by planting flower bulbs.
  • Adding a handful of grit helps drainage in heavy soil.
  • Water regularly. But don’t soak the bulbs.
  • Enjoy colour, scent and a happy feeling with spring bulbs.

Buy spring bulbs at Ripley Nurseries

To enjoy your garden, we offer lovely flowers. Spring fever is the best feeling when winter's about to leave. Discover our fantastic range and choose the spring bulbs you like. Some of our fantastic bulbs spread a sweet scent, like Hyacinths. If you’re looking for specific bulbs, please ask our staff. If you’re too late to plant spring bulbs, visit our garden centre to buy beautiful potted bulbs. These plant arrangements look fantastic on the kitchen table and are excellent presents to give for someone's birthday, baby shower or housewarming. Check out our opening hours on the contact page. If you have any questions about our range, please contact us.